​​Is your film ready for the world to see? Consider premiering your work at the Blackbird Film Festival for a chance to win $1000 cash prize and receive the VIP treatment you and your film deserve! In order to submit the Blackbird VIP Premiere category, an official representative for the film (director, producer, agent, etc) must read the PREMIERE SUBMISSION TERMS below and AGREE to the terms via Filmfreeway when completing the submission.


  • Films submitted to the "Blackbird VIP Premiere" category must be World Premieres or International Premieres (films that have not screened outside their country of origin) at the time of the festival event.

  • If selected, the submitter (director, producer, agent, etc.) agrees to host the world/international premiere of the submitted film at the 2022 Blackbird Film Festival.

  • Films submitted to the "Blackbird VIP Premiere" category may NOT be available online or have screened previously at a public event (festival or otherwise) in the United States of America.

  • If selected, the submitted film will receive a $200 screening award which will be presented to the filmmaker (or designated representative) AFTER the premiere screening. A key representative (director, producer, lead actor, etc.) MUST be present during the premiere screening to receive this award. If a key representative is not present for the premiere, the screening award will be revoked.

  • If selected, the submitted film will be eligible to win the $1000 cash prize. The winning film will be determined by festival directors and a jury of professional filmmakers.

  • If, at any stage of the process, the submitted film is found to have screened publicly and/or be publicly available online, the Blackbird Film Festival reserves the right to disqualify the film and revoke the screening and all amenities included.

Questions or Concerns?

Please CONTACT us at any time and a festival representative will be happy to help.