A Bone to Pick
Kim DeJohn 
Block B
A disgruntled T-rex skeleton reclaims his stolen bones from Neanderthals.

A Gift
Yiqiong Li
Block E
Jack wants to steal money and valuable things from Margaret's house. But Margaret, a blind elderly woman, is at home and talks with Jack as if he is her son. Margaret covers Jack from the neighbor and a police officer. After Jack knows Margaret has covered him under the condition of knowing he is not her son, Jack leaves everything he had stolen from her house behind and goes away.

A Space in Time
Alexandre Athané
Block D
Claire, a little girl, and her grandfather share a dream - seeing a man walk on the moon - and their favorite pastime is playing astronaut. On the night of July 20, 1969, while the whole world is fixated on Neil Armstrong, Claire's thoughts are with her own personal hero...

A Town Called Theocracy
Jehad N. Al-Khateeb
Block A
After the mayor of a theocratic regime imposes tough film restrictions, the sullen projectionist of a failing movie theater is inspired by a stranger passing through town to create a unique flick to skirt the oppressive system.


Andy at Night
Stephen Takashima
Block C
A quirky mini-doc about thrash metal and cubicles. Made with blood, sweat, metal and salt granules.


Black Out
Angie Zambrano
Block G
After waking up from a black out a man is concerned about a dead body found in his apartment.

Bloody Mary
Travis Misenti
Block A
A young nun attempts to defeat her fears by way of the Bloody Mary urban legend.

Body of Christ
Amy-Joyce Hastings
Block E
A look through the imagination of a child at the 'magic' of the Eucharist.


Christian Washington
Block I
Brotherhood is a short animated feature that follows the lives of two brothers growing up in a home where the parental structure suddenly falls apart . However, a glimmer of hope remains as long as the oldest brother can discover one important truth: Sometimes the people in our lives who are hardest to love, end up being the most important people we should cherish.

AiHsuan Shih
Block B
Cacophony  is a 2D animation and motion graphics video that combines illustrations, abstract textures and color to create patterns that visualize unseen daily sounds. Through the eyes and ears of a young girl, the viewer can escape the harsh sounds of the urban environment and find solace in a serene inner world.


Chateau Sauvignon: terroir
David E. Munz-Maire
Block G
'Chateau Sauvignon: terroir' follows the isolated adolescent son of a storied vintner family who finds himself torn between obeying his father’s callous restrictions and preventing his ailing mother from deteriorating further. When a doting woman and her indifferent son arrive seeking a tasting and tour of the winery, Nicolas sees an opportunity to help care for his mother, as well as prove his worth to his choleric father. However, his wayward plan quickly takes a turn for the worse, and his missteps puts his family’s secretive murderous ways in peril of being unearthed.


Colt 13
Luke McKay
Block F
A former sports phenomenon looks to settle a score with the man he believes is responsible for destroying his life - his brother.

Tom Cassese
Block J
In the final moments before an apocalyptic catastrophe, six people come to terms with their impending doom.


Victor Buitrago
Block G
A man becomes obsessed with what he finds on the internet.

Jason Gudasz
Block K
The creator of everything suffers a nervous breakdown when he gets hung up on his latest conceptual work: Earth.

Dark Corners Horror Anthology - The Blackout
Cuyle Carvin, Robert Michael Ryan, Lindsay Seim
Block G
An ongoing series of super short horror films. Sometimes bloody. Sometimes creepy. Always dark.


Peter Faint
Block K
Jon, a self-proclaimed 'dartist', wants to put down any suspicion of his girlfriend's infidelity by talking to his long-time friend Frank. Confined to a park bench in a seemingly empty and serene park, the idiosyncratic Frank forces Jon to confront his insecurities.

Das Licht
Peter  Hartsock
Block E
A man sits at a table set for one, witnessing the shadows. His plate is empty. He finds no chef to cook his meal, only his image. He returns to the casted silhouettes.


Laura Malatos
Block L
During WWII, an evacuee child tries to remain in contact with his mother through their only means of connection: words.

Jeeyoon Lee
Block B
A mysterious interface allows its user to design a human.

Khairul Rahimi
Block I
"Detach" imagines the transcendental journey of a lost soul, conceptualized as a jellyfish-like creature, into the afterlife.


Dust Bunnies
Beth Tomashek, Sam Wade
Block D
Dust Buddies is a story about the friendship between two dust bunnies, Fuzz and Lint, who live peacefully under a couch. When an evil maid comes to clean the house and sucks Fuzz into her vacuum, Lint must overcome his fears and set out to rescue his friend.


Elemental: Water
Simone LeClaire
Block A
An eldritch woman finds her way home.


Emerald Ice
Jesseca Ynez Simmons
Block C
Emerald Ice is a cinematic journey exploring the mind of the American poet Diane Wakoski. This experimental short brings to the screen her work--the sprawling beauty that is Diane's emotional spectrum.

Gung-Kai Koo
Block A
Equipoise is my graduation film about positiveness, negativity and the opposite but complementary relationship between them. The spirit of the film is how they work together to reach the harmony and balance to react to stimulation, instead of judging the dominance or tendency of the two forces.

EST. 1896
Jazmin Corchado
Block J
EST. 1896 follows two African Americans, Henry and Demetrius. When a robbery occurs, the cops respond assuming Demetrius is the culprit. Duty, prejudice and fear collide to ask a simple question: why?


Everywhere I Go
Chris Hanna
Block A
A tale of life itself, and how far will we go in search of a feeling.

Family Shadows
Laura Malatos
Block A
As a boy grows into a man, he watches his father lose his memory.


Michael Finn
Block A
Trouble is found while on the side of the road.


Anthony Bradley
Block A
A woman and a man reveal their insecurities after their first time sleeping together.


Flying Around
Matthew Maniaci
Block D
A bird's eye view of Cortland.

Food City: Feast Of The Five Boroughs
Matthew Fleischmann, Lars Fuchs
Block H
In the not-too-distant past, all food was local. Hyper-local, in fact: if you didn't grow it or find it yourself, you didn't eat it. Today our food is hyper-global: wherever you are, you can get your food from any corner of the world. What might a return to hyper-localism look like today, now that more than half the world's population live in cities? In Food City, the filmmakers, Matt and Lars endeavor to find out by challenging themselves to serve a four-course meal for eight people - using only ingredients grown, caught, or foraged from within the five boroughs of New York City.


Forest of Berries
Nikol Alanna
Block I
Alula constantly runs away from home to explore a forest nearby much to her father's chagrin. He drags her back home and orders her inside their house in a very authoritative matter. As her father guards the room of his daughter, she makes plans to escape. When she finally leaves something goes horribly awry and Alula's fate is changed forever.

Green Grass
Steve Summers
Block H
The film maker reflects on his grandfather's faithfulness and the care taking of his family's lawn.


Gulit Trip
Majestic Tillman
Block A
Two teens are forced to make a difficult choice that could cost them their future.

Happy Birthday Kevin
John Psathas
Block E
At 15, Kevin risks it all for a shot at greatness.


Herb & I
Sebastian Schnabel
Block L
After the end of another violent relationship a girl discovers that she feels emotionally attached to an electric fan. She starts having a love relationship with him and she feels happy for the first time in her life. Things get complicated when she finds a potential new friend, who wants to come over to meet her boyfriend.


Sean Colby
Block G
A teenager is being held captive in a man's basement while he is tested on for superpowers.

Olivia Pecini
Block I
After a crippling dust storm, a child and her pet rooster grapple with starvation.


Honk! Honk!
Lars Fuchs
Block E
Lars sets out to make a film about a mild-mannered man pushed to the limits by the hazards of life in the big city. But when the results aren't as good as he'd hoped, Lars himself is pushed to the limit - and beyond - by his own worst enemy. Himself.

Hot Chocolate
Thu Vu Kim Nguyen
Block D
A short animated film about a little girl who had recently moved to a foreign country and was trying to adjust to her new life.

How It Sounded to Squish a Cockroach
Lisa Russell
Block J
A new poetry video on police brutality by Emmy-winning filmmaker, Lisa Russell, featuring NYC's Youth Poet Laureate, Nkosi Nkululeko.


I'm Beautiful
Noah Lalonde
Block L
A darker perspective on beauty in the 21st century.

Inside Job
Qi Deng
Block B
Machines have taken over so many human jobs. In this short, motion graphic animation, the main character wants to take some of those jobs back, to go inside the machines, live among them and find his ideal profession. Every occupation, however, has its hazards. Working in a washing machine, he almost drowns. It's only when he's uploaded as an artificial intelligence program that he finds the perfect job, being a more human machine.


Joe Kowalski
Block K
His best friend was a mouse cursor until she came along.

Kiss Me Goodbye
Brendan J. Sweeney
Block J
Horror and alienation surround the courtroom of the State, where the man it believes is the last leader of an underground religion faces judgment and death.

Life of Being Wild
Qihui Wu
Block C
A young woman memories a surreal and emotionally traumatic encounter with a monkey as a child which comes to life with PlayDoh animation.


Audrey Jordan
Block A
Lifeline explores the idea of life is short but how long we truly live is up to us; when we let fear be the master our lines become entangled and we lose out.

Paris Grigorakis
Block F
Lily lives alone in her mansion taking care of her flowers and herbs. Her loneliness is often interrupted by a young man who helps her with the errands. The man excites Lily every time he smiles. Her secret lust grows so much that one day she can not restrain herself.


Listen To My Voice
Andrew Cheng
Block C
A portrait of Paul Howe, a semi-retired Hypnotherapist. In this film Paul explains his introduction to hypnosis and its application in the real world, and dispels one of the most common myths about it.

Lives of Liberty NYC
Gavin M Hecker
Block C
New York City is not only home to the highly symbolic 151 foot copper Statue of Liberty who has stood tall in the waters off the southern tip of Manhattan since 1886, but also home to the many immigrants who adorn the robe of Lady Liberty on a daily basis and pose for photos with tourists.

Louisiana 1961
Bobby Huntley
Block F
A rousing love story set against a backwoods  honky tonk blues performance. Starring Bryan Earl and Ashley John as Louis and Nora. We follow a simple boy meets girl story with intense intercut passionate scenes.


Love Song of a Drone
Brian J. Larson
Block D
An animated music video about the life (and love) cycles of a drone bee.

Elisa Chee
Block I
Lucy is an animated short film telling the true-life story of an unhappily domesticated chimpanzee, and the extreme sacrifices one woman made to set her free.


Xuecheng Xu
Block I
Luscious is a 2D motion graphics video looks at human nature, human instinct and the power of imagination. Minimally styled illustrations tell the story of a beautiful woman who achieves satisfaction by having a psychedelic, metaphoric, sensual journey during dinner in 1930s Shanghai. Conjuring up that longing we feel when the monotony and tediousness of life weighs over us. We have all felt suffocated under the confines of modern life at some point, but every so often, uniformity forces our minds to drift to a faraway place; sensual, peaceful and content where we feel there is a quiet calm tenderness, nothing else existing but the world we have conceived.

Magic Cobra Tattoo
Adrian Alonso Cordoni
Block H
The owner of a tattoo shop in the williansburg neighborhood tells us about the privacy of their work and opens the doors of his shop in the heart of brooklyn, New York.

Jay Españo
Block B
Arthur, a retired musician, desperately tries to reconnect with his Alzheimer's stricken wife.  When he accidentally finds an old music box that somehow triggers bits and pieces of her memory, he discovers an unsettling truth about himself.


Make It Float
Aden Suchak
Block H
Make it Float is the word young artist Taofeek Abijako uses to describe his works. Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, his cultural and family backgrounds influence the art that he produces. His unique perception of the world inspires him to apply his creations onto a variety of different canvases. Taofeek's trademark as an artist is the lively and vibrant colors he implements. The unique shapes and designs he produces create art that floats on the canvas that he expresses himself on. Make it Float shares Taofeek's story and how he intends to leave his mark on the world.

Michael Mejia
Block L
After his mother dies, Josh is relentlessly bullied till he reaches a breaking point.


Marisa at Brunch
Jonathan Smith
Block K
Trying to tune out the Valley Girls at a wedding brunch, Marisa searches for a date to the wedding. After working up the courage to ask a man across the restaurant to be her date, her plans are suddenly foiled.

Mating Call
Jall Cowasji
Block E
A woman attempts to seduce a man with yoga.

Zach Daulton
Block L
James Mayfield has spent the last decade performing a one man show from his youth in an attempt to trigger memories that are very important to him. However things take a turn when he is pushed into closing his show with a little help from some lost memories. Mayfield has to find the limit of how many times he can relive a moment before his memory changes.


Midnight Elevator
Henry Liu
Block B
Make it a party anywhere you go.

Christopher Rodriguez
Block D
The people we see everyday may not be the people we think we see everyday.


Mission Accomplished
Claus Martin
Block K
Two gangsters have completed their job. Now they are waiting for their boss. Everything seems fine. But suddenly the corpse is gone…

Jeremy Speed Schwartz
Block I
The corporate fish see only what is directly in front of them. They review all the data and build a giant spherical robot for unknown purposes. Accompanied by a troop of dancing bunnies, a singing capricorn and a psychedelic guitar player, they launch the robot into the sky, where it devours the sun. 'Mittashane' is a collaboration between Digital Media and Animation Students at Alfred State College and Tokyo-based band Castro House.

Montréal Caché
Max Machado
Block K
Montréal Caché is a fake trailer for a fake homonymous TV show. It showcases the stories that will comprise the first season of this long awaited and eye opening program that finally reveals "The secrets of Montreal that they don't want you to know." Generally awkward, often quirky and eventually startling.


Mother's Cry
Lisa Russell
Block J
Mother's Cry is a poetry-based short film on climate change by Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Lisa Russell, featuring renowned youth poet, Savon Bartley. For a generation that will face the extreme consequences of climate change, "Mother's Cry" intends to be a tool for educational and advocacy organizations wishing to engage youth in the discussion, advocacy and protection of their own futures.

Moving Out
SeoHee Choi, John Han
Block D
A teenage daughter is loading heavy luggage onto a car as she is preparing to move away from her rural home. She believes that she is prepared to take the world head on, as most teenagers do and wants to prove it by loading the heavy luggage onto the car herself without the help of her mother.

Not So Loud
Orkhan Abbasoff
Block L
LOUIS 40 dedicated his life to take care of his mother, ALICIA 65-a disabled former ballerina he lives with. This is when ELISABETTA 35 comes to work at their house as a maid temporarily replacing her aunt. Louis and Elisabetta like each other but is it going to be enough for him to change his life?

Olivia Peace
Block J
A lonely girl stranded on a rooftop desperately tries to return her life to a state of equilibrium after she is separated from her family.

Welf Reinhart
Block D
Manuel accidentally puts the life of his best friend, a fish, in danger. To save him Manuel has to fight against his own father. To see in the end, that maybe he and his father are fish, too.



Liam Harris
Block A
Hamish Fint, a crotchety old man used to a life of seclusion inside his submarine balanced precariously atop a mountain, struggles to maintain equilibrium when an unwelcome visiting seagull rocks his world.


Cara Hagan
Block D
A sunny day, a picnic blanket and a disappearing woman.


Pint Puller
Jake Balfour-Lynn
Block A
A man walks into a bar...

Pokey Pokey
Junjie "Jake" Zhang
Block I
A father attempts to figure out the best way to protect his son from seeing filthiness of the crime-ridden city, discussing the over-protection phenomenon to children and related social issues.

Jack Skyyler, Jon Russell Cring, Beth Konrad Brown
Block G
An insect virus has spread through the human population turning them into drones. Two classes now exist: The Humans and the Drones.


Riptide Rhapsody
Kenton Brett and David Jarred
Block D
Five furry, fluffy and feathered friends are swept out to sea and into an amazing adventure. They encounter sea monsters, robots, and mutants in this stylistically inventive and hand-made animation.

Rod Zegwi Dan Pikan
Azim Moollan
Block I
A brief introspective into the state of mind of a woman. Her battles in life, her relationship with her daughter and walking the fine line of addiction.


Aditya Patwardhan
Block A
Gabriella is an eight year old girl admitted in a hospital.  While the doctors debate whether it's a psychiatric or an abuse case, she fights to overcome her internal conflictis and external realities. With the help of an extroardinary friend Kit, Gabriella learns to cope with her bitter past and sees that beauty can still exist beyond a barrier of thorns.

Chaaritha Dheerasinghe
Block G
A mysterious, anti-social driver who believes people talk too much, and don't listen enough -- drives to the desert to have peace and quite.

Shining Eyes
Federica Quaini
Block A
A man break up with a girl. She gets sick and develops an eye disease. Her path is an exile in illusion. Lost in the madness of extreme loneliness, the girl can only watch helplessly the perennial mystery of her own grief. But she persists in affirming Love in spite of everything in order to survive.


Freddie Connor
Block K
Sipped is a dark farcical comedy centered around George, a downtrodden middle aged man with no prospects or friends. He unexpectedly discovers that he can control his neighbors like puppets through his coffee cup, one sip at a time. George uses his new found power to toy with one of the local teenagers, getting him to do the most strange, outrageous and ridiculous things! But the power shifts and leaves George in a rather embarrassing scenario...

Amelia Wyeth Ponirakis
Block D
Shot in rural Upstate New York, "Solitude is a self-directed experimental short film that follows a teenage girl who explores spaces of isolation.   She realizes that sometimes it is not always a bad thing to be alone.   She looks around and finds contentment in her surroundings.   The film navigates uses of ambient sound with that of silence to explore nature and self.


Brendan Kirschbaum
Block B
Backstage, a nervous elephant prepares for his trumpet solo.
Andrés Gallegos
Block A
Driven to reconstitute his past, an aging man searches for his most precious memory.

Heather Taylor
Block G
A sheltered woman, reeling from the death of her mother, shows her sister how far she will go to be heard.


Steven Tanenbaum
Block F
A young woman turns a one night stand into a thrilling cat and mouse chase across Brooklyn.

Natalie Camou
Block J
A little girl must find the courage to stand up to her abusive mother.


The Bitters Truth
Trey Huguley, Andrew Porter
Block B
This family comedy short originally put together for the 48 Hour Film Festival 2016 in Austin, features citified author Charlie Bitters as he comes home to his quirky country family to uncover mamma's final gift for he and his siblings.

The Hindu Thread
Jennifer Higgins
Block D
One of the things that makes us human, is our ability to tell stories. Eugene Burger narrates the Hindu creation myth. Brahma creates, Vishnu sustains, and Shiva destroys, but that is not the end.

The Moment
Karis Seungyoun Oh
Block B
The Moment is a story about an artist who learns about the importance of the things unseen as she gets to draw a stranger's portrait.


The Most Beautiful thing I've ever seen
Javier F. Espadas
Block D
The mother´s love always sees more

The Perfumist
Yukari Akaba Rockmuller, Shannon Lee, Daniela Lobo Dias, Sandra Rivero Ortiz
Block A
The Perfumist is a dramatic story highlighting the battle of Machine-Equipped Man against Cosmic Nature. Seeking the perfect scent for his perfume, Benedict Malville runs into the consequences of trampling on sacred, natural ground.


The Sad Sea
Javier Rodes Sillué
Block L
A natural and sober visual description about one of the most inspiring and enigmatic landscapes of the Earth. The sea becomes a symbol of the absolute, a dubious reality between reality and fantasy, between the conscious and the unconscious.


The Sky On His Back
Ben Tobin
Block B
A young boy [Devin Henry], afraid of the world around him, is taught how to fly by a mysterious traveling storyteller [Carlos Uriona].

The Slum Dwellers
Gabriel Diamond
Block H
Jockin is from the Indian slums. He came up with an idea to organize those marginalized communities to improve conditions for themselves. It's like a Slum Dwellers union. Now they are in over 30 countries. Here's how it looks in Kenya.


The Stone
Ana Carvalho
Block J
A young girl, traveling in the south of Angola, meets a retired doctor who deals with the memories of war and its perpetual waste. An adaptation of the short tale "The Dragonfly", by Ondjaki.


The Sucker
Alexis Caro
Block E
The owner of a poker room suspects one of the players of cheating. Hiring an expert magician at manipulating cards, he vies to unmask and expose the cheater and his tricks.


The Sunken Convent
Michael Panduro
Block G
A man wakes up, he goes to work, he eats in, he does a bit of home surgery, he drives to the woods. Told without words and loosely inspired by the tale by Hans Christian Andersen, 'The Sunken Convent' is a grotesque and slightly surreal story of bad habits.

The Trophy Man.
Nick Nason
Block I
A trophy hunter boasts to his friends about his latest kill.  Little does he know that his victims are still watching

Thin Ice
Nathaniel Silverman
Block C
A documentary following a family from Rochester, NY overcoming struggles through the sport of sled hockey.


Time/Space Reflections
Alba Garcia
Block I
An inventor in the future loses her twin sister tragically. To cope with her grief she creates a Time/Space Portal that can go to other dimensions. Her goal? to find her twin.

To Live Forever
Jennifer Dean
Block K
Set in Los Angeles, To Live Forever is a modern adaptation of the Greek myth of Sybil the prophetess who sleeps with Apollo in exchange for eternal life. Sybil fails to heed the warnings of her sister Cassandra and the goddess Aphrodite who both do their best to protect her from Apollo's charms and her own folly. Eventually she realizes living forever isn't all she had hoped it would be but is it too late?


To Those Who Doubt
Joel Edwards
Block A
This short film explores a question many people ask of themselves; am I enough?

Tom, The Knife Salesman
Ryan Brown
Block F
A down on his luck knife salesman, Tom, is the worst performer in his division. While going door-to-door, Tom is kidnapped by a paranoid burglar who believes Tom's knife routine is just a rouse to capture him. It's certainly no dull day for Tom, and to get out alive he'll need to be sharper than a knife.

True Colors
Nicole Morciniec
Block D
A small sparrow falls in love with a beautiful bird, and paints himself to be colorful in order to catch her attention.


heather mooney
Block H
A refugee and an immigrant redefine the meaning of home and family and discover what it means to be free.

Two Landscapes
Neil Ira Needleman
Block E
A clash between the landscape the eye perceives and the one that's remembered.


Ughh ugh
Yajun Shi
Block A
It is an animation that uses shaking lines and simple color as an aesthetic. It was a collaborative piece made for a project in Practicum class. The idea was to depict an environmental issue. Inspired by that idea we chose to show the destruction of caused by natural forces on earth. The piece shows the inter relation between the city and the holder of the city.



Uncle Buzzy's House
Kristine Niven, Christina "Kit" Vinsick
Block L
Everyone comes to Uncle Buzzy's house to belong. It's home base for the patchwork family he's brought together over the years. But he has been ill for some time and makes a decision that will impact them all. Once like the 3 Musketeers, his nieces and nephew have fallen out of touch. Always the peacemaker, his adopted niece Crown, tries to hold the family together. But Uncle Buzzy's plans for the family may very well tear them apart. They challenge his wishes and each other when fairness and blood begin to weigh against each other. Set on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the mid-2000s, this slice of life story speaks to what so many of us crave. Love, acceptance and the meaning of family.

Alice Gavish, Christina Faraj
Block B
Unmasked is an animated short film encompassing an emotional story that revolves a young boy who embarks on a journey after the sudden loss of his father.


Benjamin T. Wilson
Block D
In space, it's hard to find friends.

Sam Callis, Ben Callis
Block F
After twenty five years Cathy returns home to confront her abusive father; only she's too late and he's already dead. Seeking justice she commits to a darkly comic revenge that, while failing to deliver the healing closure she craves, does give her the sweet childhood reunion she needs.


Warm Feet
Ali Nidzgorski
Block D
A short film about a young girl who tries to convince a stranger the floor is lava.

What Goes Up
Brian Naughton
Block G
When a man wakes up in a mysterious place, he is forced to face his demons.

You, Me & Me
Micah Paisner
Block K
Hopeful romantic Andy finally meets the woman of his dreams. Everything seems perfect, until his future self travels back in time to break them up.