Unfortunately, the 2020 Blackbird Film Festival (originally scheduled for April 30th - May 3rd) had to be postpone due to the COVID19 outbreak. However, Blackbird still remains COMMITTED to our filmmakers, attendees and student interns as we all persevere through these very challenging times. With that said, there are still many ways for you to get involved in the Blackbird Film Festival as we prepare for both Blackbird 2020 as well as Blackbird 2021! Please see below: 

Be a film judge

Love watching movies? Consider yourself to be a decent "couch-critic"? Have a lot of free time on your hands do to a global pandemic? Consider being a Film Judge for the Blackbird Film Festival! Each season, Blackbird receives over 2000 film submissions and we rely on our Judges to watch and review each and every one. It's a lot of fun AND you can receive internship credit if you are a SUNY Cortland student!

Make Film Art

If you're an artist (of any medium), consider being a Festival Artist for Blackbird 2020! Each season, Blackbird accepts approximately 100 films to screen at the festival and each season, we ask local artists to create artwork themed around the various films! These art pieces are then displayed at the festival for filmmakers / attendees to purchase and ALL proceeds are returned the artists!

Festival brain-stormer

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to improve and would LOVE to hear your ideas! If you're a creative thinker with some free time on your hands, consider submitting an idea (or two, or three), using the "Submit Idea" button below, that we might be able to develop for future seasons!

Create Partnerships

Blackbird is always looking to develop new partnerships across the community and college. If you are a part of an organization (business, department, club, etc.) and would like to collaborate with Blackbird in the future, please the "Let's Talk" button below and a Blackbird representative will be in contact soon!

Blackbird Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Cortland, New York.

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