The Blackbird Film Festival is always looking for energetic and enthusiastic interns interested in media production, marketing, public relations, and event planning to join our team! During festival preparation months (September to May) Blackbird interns work to make this special event come together - from securing sponsors, designing promotional material, curating film screenings, working closely with filmmakers, and so much more!


If you are super outgoing and love working with other people in a team environment, consider applying for the Event Coordinator position. If you're someone who loves watching films and works better independently then apply to be a Film Judge. If offered the position, you'll be joining an amazing group of highly motivated individuals with who you'll definitely have some fantastic memories and lasting friendships!


Dinora Mendez

This internship was a great learning experience! Through teamwork, collaboration and friendship, I learned how to be a better communicator and leader.


Scott Clifford

I couldn’t have asked for a better internship and am eternally grateful for the lessons, connections and opportunities it’s given me. The bird will forever be the word.


Alyssa Marley

I was truly inspired by this internship and with the connections I was able to make, I feel very confident entering into the job market.


Nolan Harpp

I can genuinely say I gained twenty plus new friends through interning at Blackbird. I couldn’t recommend this internship enough to other students!


Madison Napoli

I've loved every moment of this internship and I'm so honored to have been given the opportunity to participate with such amazingly creative people!



Assistant Director

Assistant Directors work closely with the Festival Directors to supervise and manage the Event Coordinator Working Teams. The Assistant Director position is ONLY open to former Event Coordinators who demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities during their tenure and embody Blackbird's core values.

Application Status

Closed until further notice due to COVID19


Start Date: January 20th

End Date:  May 10th

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinators are the wacky-fun face of Blackbird and they work tirelessly to bring the festival weekend to life. From developing community relations, running social media campaigns, coordinating special programming to event setup and filmmaker outreach - Blackbird Event Coordinators do it all!

Application Status

Closed until further notice due to COVID19


Start Date: January 20th

End Date:  May 10th

Film Judge

Film Judges are the backbone of Blackbird and they work to curate the official selections from a pool of over 2000 film submissions. Submission judges need to have a sharp eye for production quality, character development, and overarching story themes.

Application Status

Now Accepting Applications


Start Date: June 1st / August 20th

End Date:  August 10th / December 10th

Social Media

Social Media Interns are creative individuals with graphic design skills and a robust understanding of Social Media Platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) who assist with the creation and promotion of engaging content with the goal of building Blackbird's social audience and following.

Application Status

Application Now Closed


Start Date: As Soon As Possible

End Date:  July 1st