Yasmin Mistry

America Heard: Refuge of Hope

Family Rewritten

Yasmin Mistry is an Emmy-nominated animator and filmmaker whose work has been screened worldwide.


Johnny Rey Diaz

Five Are Fallen

Johnny is an award-winning actor/director based in Los Angeles, currently recurring on "Queen of The South" and preparing to direct his 1st feature.


Garance Chagnon-Grégoire

Tequila Grapefruit

Tequila Pamplemousse (Grapefruit) is Garance's first short film as a screenwriter and director.


Lorraine Toth


Pinup Model & Photographer, Author, Short Film Maker & Creative Genius


Pei Yao

Pink Bubbles

Pei Yao is a New York-based 3D artist. Film and music have been Pei’s inspiration since she was a child.


Alan Lougher

The Dollmaker

Alan is an award-winning British writer, director and photographer based near Miami, Florida.


Christina Raia


Christina Raia is a New York City based Writer/Director, the Founder of CongestedCat Productions, and the Director of Crowdfunding at Seed&Spark.


Jeanette Sears


Jeanette Sears is a queer New York City based filmmaker, as well as a DP and editor.


Nick Ronan

The Secret Nobody Knows

Vinyl Underground

I'm an actor & writer who has been green lighting my own work. Ask me about about my upcoming feature and next short film project!


Alex Mendez Giner

The Book of Judith
Writer's Block

Award winner filmmaker. His works explore human relationships, through films set in the frontier between reality and imagination.


Kirstin Reppas


Kirstin Reppas lives in Switzerland. She studies film at the Zurich University of the Arts and works as an editor to finance her films and buy sushi.


Codie Yan

Undefinable Girl, Unacceptable Fact

Codie Yan, a current rising film major Junior at Syracuse University, has a broad interest in all film genres, primarily non-fiction films


Ali Nidzgorski

Toni The Triangle


Ali has written and directed three short films and is currently writing her first feature film! 


Chelsea Gonzalez

Susanne and the Man

Chelsea Gonzalez is an actor writer and producer residing in Los Angeles. She holds a BFA from Syracuse University and is repped by Authentic Talent.


Jessica Congdon

Empire on Main Street

Jessica Congdon is a storyteller at heart and brings a natural approach to her work. Empire on Main Street is her directorial debut.


Weiyang Li


Born in 1994, graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2017, fell in love with acting since 1996, decided to be a filmmaker in 2008!


Amelia Ponirakis

Farm Sanctuary

Amelia Ponirakis has been making film since she was small and plans to keep creating even after high school!


Margaret Broach

Down to the Last


Sarcastic, plucky lady-filmmaker hailing from the Southern U.S. Enjoys writing dark comedy with focus on strong female leads. Find her @DeadStilettos


Christian Hanna

Pitch Black

Shouting out ZGN Productions for an amazing 2017 film year and a promising 2018!


Haonan Wang

Black Bird

Haonan Wang is a Director and Cinematographer originally from China. He graduated from Art Center College of Design with a MFA in Film, and from University of Miami with a BFA in Film.


Orges Bakalli

My Name Is Somebody

Orges Bakalli is an Albanian born, New York based filmmaker. He has been recognized by the National Board of Review for Outstanding Filmmaking.


Scarlet Shepard


Scarlet Sheppard is an LA-based actress making her directorial debut with Karmic: a web series comedy which she also produces, edits and co-stars in. 


Jamie DiNicola



Jamie is a filmmaker who has made storytelling the cornerstone of his trans activist work. He is the writer & director of the short film, Spot.


Patrick Foust

Life in Strides

We are the students of the 2017 Institute for Documentary Filmmaking at George Washington University, and we are so happy to be at Blackbird!


Daryl Moon

The Open Mic

Profession stand-up comic, writer and film producer.


Kit Vinsick

Summer Salt

Good Bones

Kit Vinsick is an adventure loving director/producer/writer/actor. Her work often addresses social issues and she has a passion for mentoring.


Lindsay Corriveau

Oak Bones

I love film because of its artistic diversity. My strengths are creative development, direction, and cinematography - but I also love to act and edit!


Manuel Mercier

In The Mirror


Manuel M. Mercier is a young French director who lives between Paris & New York. UNESCO Health & Human Rights & Multi-Award-winning around the world


George Nicholas Zdravkov


Since 2012, George has been living in Los Angeles and working in the film industry with his wife and creative partner, Eliza Boné.


Alicia Knittel


Alicia holds two degrees and loves video games, plants and Muay Thai. She'd like to thank Rich, her parents, and Tilly.


Lizardo Reyes Jr.

Still Life with Family

Born in Los Angeles with a B.F.A. in Film from Syracuse University. He wants to dedicate his life to telling stories both fictional and non-fictional.


Jennifer Dean

The 2nd Sex and the 7th Art: Making movies with women about women

Jennifer Dean & Eric Rice - A couple of filmmakers and theatre artists working on making a movie about women making movies.


Nicholas Thurkettle

The Dinner Scene


Nicholas Thurkettle is a writer/actor/filmmaker. He swears his film about a self-doubting writer isn't at all autobiographical.


Misha Calvert

Tinder is the Night

Misha Calvert is an award-winning actor and show creator with projects spanning theater, film, TV and digital.


Riley Sugars

For the Love of Cinema

Riley has always had a strong passion for writing and directing and has demonstrated this throughout his university.


Beth Hoover


Gar and Beth are a writer/filmmaker team based in Chicago. They teach screenwriting and story at Loyola University and Second City.


Gar Hoover


Gar and Beth are a writer/filmmaker team based in Chicago. They teach screenwriting and story at Loyola University and Second City.


Joe Loftus

Wooden Child


I am a director living and working in Dublin, Ireland. I am currently working as Episodic Director for Boulder Media.


Aislinn Clarke


Aislinn is lecturer in Scriptwriting at Queen's University Belfast and the first Northern Irish woman to have written and directed a feature film.


Elisabeth Ness

En Route

Good Porpoise is on a quest to make a positive impact on the world through both fiction & non-fiction work. It's video production... with a porpoise.


Shayna Connelly

Every Ghost Has An Orchestra

Shayna Connelly’s work explores hauntings and the boundaries between documentary, experimental and fiction filmmaking.


Elise Sievert Bhushan

Fall Repeat

Elise is a bicoastal writer/director/actor. She also hosts www.Nothingshineslikedirt.com which features up and coming filmmakers.


Anna & Roman Rozengurt

150 KG & Speech!ess

Anna & Roman Rozengurt - producers and screenwriters, working on Israel, Ukraine & Russia markets. We love all the genres, but especially – a comedy.


Danielle DellaPorta


Danielle DellaPorta is a young actress, writer and future filmmaker. At the age of 16, she booked the lead in Strayed (directed by Heather Edwards) that is being shown during the Women in Film block.


Neil Needleman

Scenes from a Visit

The journey to create a personal vision is the biggest thrill in the world. Close your eyes, open your mind, and conjure images.