Film Reels


Thank you for your interest in submitting a feature film to the Blackbird Film Festival. However, before you submit, please review the following SUBMISSION RULES & REGULATIONS outlined below and AGREE to the terms via Filmfreeway when completing the submission.


Attendance Requirement:

A key member of the cast and/or crew (preferably the Director) is REQUIRED to attend the screening and participate in a Q&A immediately following the screening. The Blackbird Film Festival reserves the right to reject any feature film and/or cancel a scheduled screening if filmmakers fail to attend and represent their film. With this said, please DO NOT submit to this category if you are not willing to attend and participate.


Screening Award:

If selected to screen, Blackbird will pay a $200 screening award to the Director (or designated cast/crew member). However, this award is contingent on a key member of the cast and/or crew (preferably the Director) attending the screening and participating in a Q&A. Blackbird will NOT pay a screening award if filmmakers fail to adhere to this requirement.


Complimentary Lodging:

If selected to screen, Blackbird will provide complimentary lodging (1 room, 2 beds, 1 night) for a key member of the cast and/or crew (preferably the Director).


Selections Statistics:
Please be aware that the majority of films selected to screen at the Blackbird Film Festival are short (under 20 minutes). While we do program several feature films each season, the competition for these time slots is very high.



Why Does This Policy Exist?


At Blackbird, we strongly believe that filmmaker involvement and participation is what makes a film festival such a unique and interesting experience. When filmmakers do not attend, the audience is often left with unanswered questions and the discussion feels empty. Feature films demand a lot from an audience and therefore we believe it is important for filmmakers to be available following the screening for conversation. In addition, programming time is very limited during the festival weekend and we want to ensure we are supporting filmmakers who, in turn, also support Blackbird.

If you feel this policy is unfair or unjustified, please DO NOT submit.

Questions or Concerns?

Please CONTACT us at any time and a festival representative will be happy to help.