​APRIL 22 - 24, 2016   |   CORTLAND, NEW YORK

Bradley Silvius

We had an amazing experience at the 2016 Blackbird Film Festival in Cortland, NY. The environment provided the perfect venue for feedback and networking with other filmmakers. Highly recommend this festival.

Lars Fuchs

 The filmmakers in attendance had ample opportunities to meet and get to know each other. And the quality of the films selected spoke very highly of the curatorial effort put into the selection process. I was honored to be in such good company.

Yasmin Mistry

Communication leading up to the event is excellent. They also do a nice job of getting the local community involved, as well as building a community of filmmakers at the event. I'll definitely submit again.

Caley MacLennan

I had an incredible time at Blackbird. While the venue is small, a surprising amount of talented filmmakers show up. The audiences are enthusiastic and the weekend is full of great films and good times!

Ben Tobin

I had a blast at Blackbird Film Fest. A lot of talented filmmakers showed up, creating a valuable opportunity for networking. I hope to be back next year with my new film and visit Cortland once again.